5 Miniatures for Tuba and Piano

5 Miniatures for Tuba and Piano (2014)

Approximate duration = 8′ 15″

Ramón Garavito, Jr., Tuba
Amy Fischer, Piano

MIDI version

CLICK HERE to purchase score and parts.

Program Notes:
These 5 short pieces are meant to be enjoyed by tuba students. The first and final piece explores my ongoing interest in creating a sense of timelessness, with shifting rhythms in the piano part caused by overlapping patterns. I have also been interested in fogging up the distinction of major and minor which you will hear in the final piece. Is it major? Is it minor? Is it both simultaneously? Does it matter? The second and fourth pieces are somewhat playful, while the middle piece sounds like he’s got something serious to say. This piece has inspired the idea for a piece called “5 Jumbos for Piccolo”.

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