Commission A Piece

Thank you so much for considering commissioning a new work.

First I recommend reading this excellent article, Commissioning By Individuals for a great overview of the process.

After reading that article, please consider a few things.

1) Do you have a specific performer, or ensemble, in mind who would perform the piece as part of their repertoire? If not, the composer of a new piece doesn’t necessarily have an outlet for the performance and/or recording of any of their music. So having a performer involved in the process will help ensure the piece gets performed.

2) If you are not involved in a performing ensemble, perhaps you wish to commission a piece of music as a gift to a friend, family member or loved one. What an amazing gift idea! We will have to discuss their ability level and what kind of ensemble (if any) they will be playing with.

3) If you wish to have a piece of poetry set to music as a song, we will need to obtain permission by the poet to use and possibly reproduce their text. If the poet is deceased, and the poem is old enough, it may be in the public domain, which means it is free to use. If you don’t know the poet personally, their agent or representative will possibly want to charge a nominal fee for usage.

4) If you are a involved with a performing ensemble, I am very interested in working with you. I am interested in any combination of instruments, chamber music, orchestras, large ensembles, concertos, solo works, choral or solo vocal works, etc. As a composer, I am most enthusiastic about composing longer multi-movement works (around 20 minutes), and longer symphonic works (30-45 minutes). But of course I am happy to write shorter works if that is what is required.

5) I am very affordable! If you don’t think you can afford to commission a work, or if you want to collaborate on a crowd funding campaign to raise the necessary funds, I am more than happy to assist.

To get the ball rolling, send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

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