Communion In The Church of Nature

Communion In The Church of Nature (1994 / 2016)
(for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Vibraphone)

Dedicated to Sheldon Atovsky

Approx. duration = 12 minutes

I recently found a piece I originally composed for piano in 1994 which I dedicated to one of my music teachers at DePaul. It’s very possible this is the last piece I composed before taking my long hiatus. I entered the piece into Finale to hear it, and while listening to the playback, heard in my head other instruments filling up the sound and filling in the gaps. So I arranged it for a Pierrot ensemble. The structure of the piece remains intact. I think the only thing I added as new material are the fast running vibraphone 16th note passages and cleaned up a few transitions.

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