Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra

Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra (2015)
approx. duration = 19 minutes


LIVE WORLD PREMIERE MIX 1 (better for high end headphones)

LIVE WORLD PREMIERE MIX 2 (better for small computer speakers, ear buds, etc.)

Premiere performance, recorded live in Sedona AZ, USA, 11/22/2015
Viveca Lawrie, trumpet
Trae Blanco, conductor

MIDI RECORDING (for reference)

Movements 2 and 3 were composed while in Assisi, Italy in 2015. Upon returning to the US, and while in Chicago, movement 1 was written as an introduction. Movements 2 and 3 play with the idea of the trumpet telling each of the string sections what to play and when to play it. In movement 2, the strings repeat the phrase they are given, with an additional rest added so that the phrases appear less frequently with time, until the trumpet starts them over again. In movement 3, the phrases are just repeated in the strings with no rests, but the rhythmic variations between the various sections create exciting combinations.

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