Live Music Log

I thought it would be interesting to track all the concert classical music I hear live, and organize it by composer. Not so much to impress anyone else, but to keep a record for myself, rather than save every program I collect. My brother is a beer connoisseur and he keeps an online list of all the beers he has ever tried, along with brief reviews. I am not going to bother reviewing anything here.

I am beginning this in 2015, so anything I heard live before that, I am not including as I don’t really remember all of it.

Abbinanti, Frank
Seven Deadly Sins (2 accordions – co-composed with Jeffrey Kowalkowski)

Adams, John Luther
In A Treeless Place, Only Snow
Ten Thousand Birds
The Light Within

Adler, Christopher
010 Machine States (2012) (solo flute)
In Tall and Tufted Reeds (2009)
Zaum Box (2015) (percussion and voice)

Akiho, Andy
21 (cello and steel pan)
Deciduous (violin and steel pan)
LigNEouS 1 (string quartet and marimba)
NO on To kNOW one
Pillar IV (percussion quartet)
Stop Speaking (solo snare drum)

Amaya, Efrain
Angelica (orchestra)

Andres, Timo
Small Wonder (solo cello)

Andriessen, Louis

Aperghis, Georges
Les Guetters de Sons (1981)

Antongnini, Ivo
Pater Noster (SATB choir)

Avshalomov, David
O Euchari (SATB choir)

Bach, Jan
Laudes (Brass Quintet)

Bahr, Jason
Gloria (choral)

Baker, Dylan Arthur
Ripples (2015) (Flute, Harp, Percussion)

Baker, Robert A.
all the lights are gathered in your eyes

Bansal, Juhi
Whip the Devil Round the Stump

Bartok, Bela
Improvisations (op. 20) (solo piano)

Bernstein, David
Musical Mirages (piano)
September Soundscape (violin and piano)
Sunlight and Shadow (flute, clarinet, piano)
Threading Light (flute and piano)

Berio, Luciano
O King

Biebl, Franz
Ave Maria (1985) SATB choir

Birtwistle, Harrison
For O, For O, The Hobbyhorse is Forgot (1976) (Percussion Ensemble)

Bolles, Marita
Debussy on Wagner (piano and recorded voice)

Boulez, Pierre
Sonatine (flute and piano) (1946)

Britten, Benjamin
Cello Suite (1,2)

Broder, Michael
Stairwell Music (solo alto sax)

Brown, Ryan
Pinched (reed quintet arrangement)

Bruckmann, Kyle
contripetals/centrifugals (mixed quintet)

Burge, David
When Love Prevails

Caballero, Eduardo
Atmosferas (solo vibraphone)

Cabell, Stephen
Three Hands (septet)

Carter, Elliot
Figment 3 (double bass)

Cerrone, Christopher
Memory Palace (1, 5)
On Being Wrong (solo cello)

Chamorro, Gabriel José Bolaños
Star Mango (chamber + electronics)

Chan, Nga Man
In June (2015)

Childs, Mary Ellen
A Frail Weight (voice and piano)
The Capacity of Calm Endurance (piano)
Ephemeral Geometry (string quartet)
Farmstand Now Open (voice and piano)
Music from Dream House (string quartet)
O2 (choral)

Clyne, Anna

Cole, Elliot
Bloom Suite

Cooper, Jacob
Ley Line

Corey, Charles
Excursions (1,2 and 5) (clarinet, cello, percussion)

Corry, Sara
Nepenthes (flute)

Cortello, David
Adagio-Scherzo (flute, oboe, bass clarinet, 2 percussions)

Cote, Andrew
A Chasing of the Wind (vibraphone)

Cote Barco, Sergio Augusto

Cox, Cindy
Lift-up-over sounding

Crumb, George
Ancient Voices of Children

Czernowin, Chaya
Duo leat (2 bass clarinets) (2009-10)

Davies, David
Get Up and Move (flute, marimba, piano)
Songs of Supplication (soprano, piano)

Davies, Ken
Dark River (oboe and electronics)

Davis, Nathan
Limn (solo bass flute, contrabass flute and electronics)

Davis, Owen

Dayton, Peter
Sonata for Violincello and Piano

Demos, Nickitas
Two Tapestries for Brass Quintet

Dempster, Thomas
Nocturnes in Blue, Green and Gold (blue and green) (flute, clarinet, oboe)

Denney, Donnacha
Stainless Staining

Deyoe, Nicholas
Ashley, Christopher, Andy (2014) (Cello, Piano, Percussion)
kennen schon nicht mehr (voice / piano)
Lullaby 5 (2013) (4 percussion)

Dick, Robert
Book of Shadows (solo bass flute)

Dicke, Ian
Eight Oh Eight (solo percussion)

Dodge, Ryan
Introduction and Scherzo (clarinet, guitar)

Dolan, Drew
It’s Not About the Money (viola, piano)

Donatoni, Franco
Bok (1990) (Bass clarinet and Marimba)
Omar 1

Donofrio, Antonio
Quartet (oboe, sax, trumpet, percussion)

Dousa, Dominic
Pastorale for Flute Choir

Eckardt, Jason
Flux (1994)
The Silenced (2015) (solo flute)
Tangled Loops (1996) (Sax and Piano)

Ellard, Luke
catch the glow through (clarinet, piano)

Encarnación, Elliot
The Mariner

Farrell, Daniel
Brass Quintet #1

Farris, Ralph
Perfect Pitch (4 violas)

Fawcett, Daniel
Vociferari: a sound transformation (2015) (Flute, Harp, Percussion)

Feery, Amanda
Those So Moral

Flannagan, Beavan
L’Essence Perd Son Sens (2010) (Violin, Viola, Cello)

Flynn, George
Northern Lights (piano)

Fujikura, Dai
Lila (bass flute)

Gifford, Fredrick
Graft Blossom (toy piano, clavichord and electronics)

Gill, Sean M.
As If It Never Happened, As f It Never Mattered (2013) (piano and drum kit)

Glass, Philip
1+1 (1967) (Percussion)
Music in Fifths (1969)
Music In the Shape of A Square (1967) (Two Flutes)
Music In Similar Motion (1969)
Songs and Poems (solo cello)
Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Two Pages (1968)

Goldspiel, Alan
All That Jazz (clarinet, trumpet, guitar)

Greenstein, Judd
The Elements of Elements (2010)

Gregorio, Joseph
Love, thricewise (SATB choir)

Grisey, Gerard
Echanges (prepared piano & double bass) (1968)
Le Noir De L’Etoille (1990) (Percussion Ensemble w/tape)
Stele (two bass drums) (1995)

Guerra, Yalil
A mil guerras solo (string quartet)

Guzmán, Edgar
infinity sign ¿?

Hackbarth, Ben
Open End (vibraphone, electronics)

Hackbarth, Glenn
Points in the Sky (clarinet, percussion, electronics) (1993)

Harberg, Amanda
For Sydney (1. Lullaby)

Halco, MJ
Madness and Motion Of Heavenly Bodies (2015) (violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano)

Hamilton, Andrew
Music for People Who Like Art

Harbison, John
Mirabai Songs

Harrison, Lou
La Koro Sutro (chorus, organ, harp and American gamelan)
Pedal Sonata (organ)
Praises for Michael the Archangel (organ)
Solstice (2 cellos, dbl bass, flute, oboe, trumpet, piano)
Suite for Cello and Harp (2x)
Suite for Violin and American Gamelan
Threnody for Oliver Daniel (harp)
Village Music (solo harpsichord)

Harrison, Michael
Hijaz Prelude
In Flight
Kind of Glass

Hazzard, Matthew
O Magnum Mysterium (choral)

Hearne, Ted
DaVZ23HzMH0 (solo cello)

Hedwig, Douglas
Its Soul of Music Shed (valved post-horn)

Hennecken, John
Piano Sonata #2

Hey, Joshua
lens flare from Alpha Centauri (for string quartet)

Higgins, Patrick
String Quartet #3

Hitchcock, Calvin
Rhapsody for Clarinet (solo clarinet)

Honstein, Robert
Is it Autumn? (2010)
Orison (solo cello)

Hovhaness, Alan
String Quartet #1, Op. 8

Hu, Ching-chu
The Swash of Water and Red (string quartet)

Ivanova, Vera
Fantasy Toccata

Jakob TV
Nivea Hair Care Styling Mousse

Jalbert, Pierre
Visual Abstract (Pierrot ensemble)

Johnson, Tom
Narayana’s Cows

Karchin, Louis
Excursions for Viola and Electronics

Kennaugh, Adam
Initial Contact (2015)

Kennon, Noel
lilac, my fire field

Kim, Solbong
From the Sixth Hour (violin, viola, cello, piano)
Godiva Miniatures (string quartet)

Kimble, Elizabeth
The Peace of Wild Things (SATB choir)

Kirkland Snider, Sarah
Thread and Fray

Kowalkowski, Jeffrey
Seven Deadly Sins (two accordions – co-composed with Frank Abbinanti)

Kratz, Girard
Anthem for Doomed Youth (voice, piano)

Krausas, Veronika
Hopscotch Tarot (#2,4,5,9.10)

Krause, Benjamin
String Quartet #1

Kristinkov, Stefan
Three Pieces for Viola and Piano

Kuspa, Jordan
Lemondade Toccata (marimba)

La Rocca, Frank
Ne Irascaris (SATB choir)

Lachenmann, Helmut
Guero for piano (1969)
String Quartet #3 “Grido”
Trio Fluido (clarinet, viola & percussion) (1966/68)

Lang, David
ark luggage
Child (2001)

Lash, Hannah
Around (violin, cello, piano)

Lauba, Christian
Steady Study On the Boogie (solo sax)

Lawson, Dorothy
Jesse Stomp

LeBaron, Anne

Lee, HyeKyung
Spheres (string quartet)

Leng, Wells
Soar (2015)

Leon, Alexander
Catillo en la niebla (orchestra)

Li, Tao
The Dance in the Fire (4 players / 2 marimbas)

Liberatore, John
while I sleep (violin and viola)

Lim, Liza
Invisibility (solo cello)

Lin, Bryan
Strings in the earth and Air (SATB choir)

Lindberg, Magnus
QUINTETTO DELL’ESTATE for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1979)

Lippe, Corte
Music for bass clarinet and tape (1992)

Little, David
sweet light crude

LoCascio, Salvatore
Elohim Hashiveinu (SATB choir)

Loffler, Simon
B (2012)

Lombardi, Paul
Acquiesce (violin and cello)

Lunsqui, Alex
Entresons.Recreo (2009)

Mackey, Steven
No Two Breaths (1995) (Violin, Marimba and 4 Percussion)

Malavé, Joshua
Sonata for Solo Flute

Mathern, Sandra
Suite to the Sea (string quartet)

Mazzoli, Missy
Still Life With Avalanche

Meadors, Anna

Messiaen, Olivier
Le Merle Noir (flute and piano) (1952)

Miller, Alexander
Flatiron (guitar)

Miller, Timothy
224 Slices of Pie (2015)

Mobley, Mel
Covering (horn, electric guitar, piano)

Moe, Eric
Tough Songs about Death

Molineux, Allen
Soulful Songs (Brass Quintet)

Munakata, Rei
Pouring Etiquette (2009)

Murail, Tristan
La chambre des cartes (for ensemble) (2011)
Les ruines circulaires (violin & clarinet) (2006)

Norman, Andrew
For Ashley (solo cello)

Nozny, Brian
Parallel (percussion quartet)

Oldrini, Norberto
Flat Earth Man Ape (flute, cello, piano)

Oliveira, Joao Pedro
Et Ignis Involvens (with video)

Oliveros, Pauline
Intensity 20.15 (electronics, performance art)

Olson, Tawnie
Meadowlark, the Blackbird at Evening (marimba, fixed media)

Part, Arvo
Spiegel im Spiegel (violin and piano)

Paterson, Robert
Book of Goddesses (Flute, Harp, Percussion)
Hell’s Kitchen

Payne-Passmore, Susanna
Wind (2015) (Flute, Harp, Percussion)

Perttu, Daniel
Capricious Variations (solo clarinet)

Petuch, Brian

Ravel, Maurice
Piano Concerto in G Major

Reed, Jacob
Six Demonic Dances (bassoon)

Reich, Steve
Four Organs (1970)

Reiprich, Bruce
As Memory Passes

Richardson, Benjamin
Corrasion (2015) (Flute, Harp, Percussion)

Richardson, Sid
Astrolabe (2014) (Pierre Lunaire quintet + percussion)

Robin, Gregory
and a round of interruptions and halts (solo piano)

Rogers, Seth
Katat Bersmangat (gamelan ensemble)

Rogerson, Chris
String Quartet #2

Rokeach, Martin
Fast Lane

Rowan, Kyle
Tercets, Expanding (2011)

Russ, Jonathan
Eat Your Vegetables (solo clarinet)

Russell, Ralph
Pretty Girl (flute, oboe)

Rzewski, Frederic
Coming Together
Moonrise with Memories

Saariaho, Kaija
Sept Papillons (1.)
Duft (solo clarinet) (2012)
Terrestre (solo flute & ensemble) (2002)

Salathé, Phil
Trefoil (2015)

Sankaram, Kamala
The Far Shore

Satoh, Somei
Birds in Warped Time II

Saulle, Joshua
Arise, My Love, My Fair One (SATB choir)

Saunders Smith, Stuart
Three Winter Carols

Scelsi, Giacinto
Maknongan for low-voice instrument

Schankler, Isaac
Pheromone B

Schuessler, Philip
The Garden of Live Flowers (flute, clarinet, cello, piano)

Schwartz, Laura
The Quick Brown Fox (2015)

Sciarrino, Salvatore
Venere Che Le Grazie La Fioriscono

Sigler, Andrew
finding the air up there (violin, piano)

Shostakovich, Dmitri
Piano Trio #2 in E Min. Op. 67

Sierra, Roberto
Cinco Bocetos (1,3,5)

Smith, Rob
Spin (string quartet)

Sorkin, Suzanne
Swept (clarinet, cello)

Snowden, Steven
Appalachian Polaroids (string quartet)
Long Distance, Monroe NC, 1977 (percussion)

Stauning, Martin
Atmende Steine

Svoboda, Tomas
String Quartet #6, Op. 185

Takemitsu, Toru
And then I knew ’twas wind (flute, viola, harp)
Between Tides (violin, cello, piano)

Teske, John
topographies (mixed open ensemble)

Thomson, Ken

Ueno, Ken
Babbling (reed quintet)

Ushijima, Akiko
Distorting Melody

Varese, Edgar
Density 21.5 (solo flute)

Verunelli, Francesca
The Famous Box Trick (bass flute and electronics)

Vierk, Lois
Timberline (1991) (Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Double Bass, Viola, Percussion, Piano)

Vigeland, Nils
5 Pieces (solo piano)

Visconti, Dan
Black Bend (String Quartet)

Wald, Sarah
Pas De Quatre (2015) (4 percussions)

Wallace, John H.
Triskele (viola, oboe, 2 pianos)

Westerberg, Kurt
Baroco (violin and harpsichord)
Ensembles and Monologues (3 clarinets)
Face Dancer (solo piano)
Night Music 2 (2 pianos)

Winslow, Conrad
Ellipsis Rules (vibraphone)

Wolfe, Julia
Tell Me Everything

Wong, Theresa
Letters To A Friend (reed quintet)

Wubbels, Eric
Auditory Scene Analysis II (reed quintet)
This Is This Is This (2009)

Young Ha, Moon

Zhang, Zhaoyu
Power of the Script (Trombone, electronics)

Zhao, Mo
Fantasy and Dance (string quartet)

Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe
Voyage (String Quartet)

PRE-20th Century

Bach, JS
Chromatic Fugue and Fantasy

Violin Concerto

Chopin, Frederick
Ballade #1

Debussy, Claude
Estampes (piano)
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp

Dvorak, Antonin
String Quartet in F Major, Op. 96 “American”

Fauré, Gabriel
Piano Quartet #1, Op. 15

Frank, Cesar
Symphony in D Minor

Concerto Grosso #4
Concerto Grosso #10
Passacaglia (arrangement Halvorsen)

Liszt, Franz
Consolation #3
Hungarian Rhapsody #12

Mozart, W.A.
Serenade #12 for Winds in C Minor, K. 383

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