Octet (1993)
(Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Viola, Cello)
Approximate duration: 20 minutes
PDF Score (Handwritten score. Computer score coming eventually.)

Live Recording performed at Aspen Music Festival 1993
Conducted by David Stewart Wiley

Notes about the recording
I thought I had lost this recording, and then found out my uncle had a cassette copy. I converted the cassette to digital and created an mp3. The tape buzz that you hear is really noticeable at first, but please be patient, as it will become less noticeable. I tried to remove it, but it made the quiet parts sound worse, so I kept the noise in there. I also edited out some of the introductory breathing sounds at the beginning of the piece.

Notes about the performance
Wow, 9 brave souls, including a conductor, music students at the Aspen Music Festival, agreed to perform my ambitious piece. Unfortunately, I cannot remember their names, except for the bassoonist, Andrew Wellington, from Nashville, who was a cabin mate of mine during my summer at Interlochen Music Camp. We randomly ran into each other 10 years later at Aspen Music Camp. Overall, I think the performance is quite good. There are quite a few little mistakes, but nothing major. The hardest part, which could have used more rehearsing, is the E section, where the 6 wind instruments are connecting melodic lines with each other, and synching with the string plucks.

Octet was composed during my summer at the Aspen Music School in 1993, where it was performed at a composer’s workshop by a group of intrepid music students. The piece explores different textural possibilities with the given instrumentation. Divided into clear sections, sometimes overlapping or connecting into the next, sometimes switching abruptly, Octet builds up to a coda section towards the end where you can hear elements of earlier sections creating a sonic collage before revisiting the melody and texture of the opening section to close the piece.

A Note To Performers
Please contact me if you would like parts to perform this piece. I will eventually enter it in Finale, and make a few minor changes / improvements.

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