Piece For Oboe and E-flat Clarinet

Piece for Oboe and E-flat Clarinet With Piano Accompaniment in 4 Movements
I. Intro
II. Chromatic Canon
III. Duet
IV. Finale
Approximate duration: 16 minutes

PDF Score (Original handwritten score.)

Live performance:
Lisa Kottler, oboe
Ann Lavin, clarinet
Amy Briggs, piano

In the opening movements, the woodwinds explore contrasting rhythmic patterns that weave in and out of each other, then coming together for the B sections. The parallel 4th theme, which represents stereotyped music from China, used to make me laugh when I learned it as a child. The second movement contains a chromatic canon with the woodwinds while the piano accompaniment was inspired by music from a video game me and my roommates were playing when the piece was composed. The contrasting third movement is still and beautiful. The fourth movement has an A and B section. During the A section the woodwinds are playing together rhythmically in minor 2nds apart. Each note the higher and lower note of the minor 2nd is alternated, that is, the oboe is higher on one note, and then the next it is the lower note of the minor 2nd chord. During the B section, the woodwinds have a heated musical conversation, that ends in an argument. At the end of the piece, the argument becomes even more intense and it finally tires them out until they decide to make up.

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