Piece For Piano #1

Piece For Piano #1 (1991)

Approximate duration = 12:30
PDF Score

Live Performance, DePaul University Concert Hall, 1991

Program Notes:
Since I am not a pianist, I am admittedly intimidated to write for the instrument from the point of view of the history of piano literature and technical prowess that has evolved. For that reason, my piano parts tend to be more about the composition, that is, they serve the composition, rather than showcase the pianist. My first solo piece for piano is certainly not technically challenging. But it is quite challenging to listen to. Or at least that is what I intended. The C section is typical of a lot of my piano writing, in the way it has different patterns of differing durations in each hand, that overlap and create unpredictable rhythms and chords, in this case using limited pitches.

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