Taylor-Made Duet

Taylor-Made Duet With Piano Accompaniment in 5 Movements (1989)
Approximate Duration = 21 minutes
PDF Score (Original handwritten score. Computer score coming eventually.)

Live performance:
Angela Taylor, flute
Jessica Taylor, clarinet
Rebecca Wagner, piano

This is my first serious musical composition which I wrote during the summer between my first and second year at DePaul. I wrote this piece for the Taylor twins. The piano part is meant to be incidental, that is, not as important as the wind instruments. The introduction is a short free form duet. Movement two introduces the piano, with melodic interchanges between the flute and clarinet that eventually weave together. Movement 3 is another free form duet which includes a brief moment when the woodwinds play the piano ostinato of the previous and following movement. Movement 4 is full of intertwining melodies against a repeating piano texture. Movement 5 starts out with a musical dual between the two woodwinds. After the piano comes in, the woodwinds sing in rhythmic unison, then dissolve into chaos, coming back to unity, then dissolving into chaos again until the amBIGuous ending.

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