My compositions tend to incorporate many styles and elements. I can see trends across pieces, as well as some pieces that emphasize certain of these elements more than others. To varying degrees, each piece explores: rhythmic syncopation, overlapping rhythmic patterns using different time signatures, contrast between tonality and atonality, sonic textures, static sound sculptures, harmonic stasis and repetition to evoke meditative and trance-like states, contoured melodic phrasing, humor, randomness, and challenging / interesting parts for the performer.

In my music, I often am appealing to my own intellectual interests. But I am also trying to take the listener on a journey, whether that be a journey of self-realization, peace, emotional release, energetic healing, or just a good old distraction from whatever may be troubling them. I feel there needs to be a heart connection, not from my heart to the listener’s, but from the heart of Source, coming through me as a channel, that moves the listener in some way that is appropriate to where they happen to be on their life path.

Musical influences should shape the journey of a musician / composer. I will list my influences here, but this doesn’t, and shouldn’t, mean that this is what my music sounds like, or what I thrive to imitate. In my opinion, a good composer takes elements of various influences and uses them to find his/her own voice. But for me, it is fun to list my influences, and give homage to what has inspired me. In terms of what has inspired the contemporary classical music that I compose (as opposed to the rock music I grew up on), I acknowledge the jazz greats, Wes Montgomery, Lee Morgan, and John Coltrane, for showing us how to phrase complex and interesting melodies, using articulation and syncopation, as well as my high school friend, and extraordinary trumpeter Rob Mazurek for turning me on to the work of these musical geniuses who all passed too soon.

My first exposure to classical music that inspired me in this direction: Debussy “La Mer”, Dvorak “New World Symphony”, Hovhaness “Symphony #4”, and art songs by John Dowland. Composers that I have a strong affinity for: Olivier Messiaen, Bela Bartok, Gyorgy Ligeti, George Crumb, Donald Erb, Gerard Grisey, Giacinto Scelsi, Alfred Schnittke, Morton Feldman, David Lang, Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon, Georg Freidrich Haas – so many more actually! I have unbounded respect and admiration for all the great master composers throughout the ages and into the current day. And just because I didn’t list them above, it probably means I just haven’t spent enough time with their music to feel an intimacy with it, yet.

Anyone interested in performing my music, please get in touch. You may copy any descriptions (program notes, bio info) off of this site for your programs, or edit them as you see fit. You may refer to the live recordings as a reference, but there are occasional mistakes in the live performance, so if in doubt, follow the score. If still in doubt, feel free to email me your questions. And please let me know about your performance so that I can announce it on this site, and possibly attend!

I am available for commissions. My main interests are longer multi-movement works (around 20 minutes) for any instrumentation (either conventional or non-conventional), including voice, choral, and any size, chamber music, orchestra, wind ensembles, ballet, dance and solo instruments. Not interested in opera.

I am available for collaborations with performance ensembles, dance troupes, solo musicians, etc.

I gratefully accept donations.

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