Performing My Music

Thanks for your interest in performing my music!

–If you are able to purchase a score that is for sale, that would be great! But if it helps you financially, I am very happy to donate my scores in exchange for a quality performance. Some scores on this site are available, for now, as PDFs. But they may not be the most updated version.

–If you are interested in an older score that only has a handwritten version available, and you want an easier-to-read computer engraving, please let me know and I will prioritize creating one for that piece.

–For your program or promotion, you may copy / edit (as long as the information remains accurate) any biographical information or program notes to individual pieces.

–If you are interested in performing a single movement of a multi-movement piece, please call the piece in your program “name of movement from complete name of piece“.

–Please include my website url ( in your program, and if possible, anywhere you promote the performance of the piece.

–Please let me know when and where you are performing the piece.

–Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have about the score.

–Have fun practicing and performing my music!

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