Improving Listening I.Q.

We often think of the intelligent quotient, I.Q., as a fixed measurement of one’s innate capacity for intelligence, something that cannot be improved significantly, even with effort. Perhaps I.Q. refers to a peak potential that one may or may not realize. It certainly doesn’t account for other types of intelligence, such as “street smarts”, practical […]

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Live Music Log

I thought it would be interesting to track all the concert classical music I hear live, and organize it by composer. Not so much to impress anyone else, but to keep a record for myself, rather than save every program I collect. My brother is a beer connoisseur and he keeps an online list of […]

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How to Listen to Multiple Movement Classical Music With iTunes

The problem: Oftentimes with multi-movement classical pieces, each movement is a specific track, which iTunes treats as a “song”. If you want to shuffle through a playlist of classical music, you may get the 2nd movement of a Mozart violin sonata, followed by the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, followed by a movement from […]

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