Inner Child

Inner Child (2014)
(for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Percussion)
Approximate Duration: 7 minutes

PDF Score

This piece has yet to be performed live. This is a MIDI recording.


Inner Child
Poem by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

I’m ready to share my reality show
Are you ready? Yeah?
Sit back, it’s time to let go

I am raised in the Mormon church
I feel controlled more than nurtured
My Divine Feminine has been butchered
And the men hold my future

Ever since fourteen I’ve been running for my own sake
I don’t want to drown in my family’s mental lake
Just a girl-child faking happy while awake
Give, give, good girl, No No, never take

Do you love God more than family
Is God your idol?

It’s been an instant
And I’m a 30-somethin
I’m finished hiding from the demons
That kept me running

Please don’t make me trip
Just so you can see me fall
I’m skilled at Self-Censorship
Stone soft and lifeless like a doll

Mirror, mirror, on the streets
Where do I belong
Where do I ground my feet

But now, But now
But now, But now
But now, But now
Not anymore

But now, But now
But now, But now
But now, But now

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