Piece for Flute, Cello, Marimba and Percussion

Piece for Flute, Cello, Marimba and Percussion (2015)
“Concealed Machine Elves Weaving Fundamentals Unaccounted For”
Approx. Duration = 5:30


Dress Rehearsal Recording

Live Recording

World Premiere

Joe LaRocca, Flute
Iris Sidikman, Cello
Gloria Yehilevsky, Marimba
Greg Becker, Percussion

As a composer fellow at the nief-norf festival in Knoxville TN, in June 2015, I was assigned to compose a new work of about 5 minutes duration for this instrumentation. One of my ongoing challenges as a composer is to write music away from the computer, that is, not relying on the computer as much. This piece is the result of this challenge.

The first half, more free-form in nature, has a simple melody in the cello, that the other instruments acting as mid-wives, attempting to give it birth. The second half is more rhythmic, as the instruments toss the various melodic ideas back and forth. One of the more striking gestures from the first half is brought back in a new context.

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