Piece for Flute, Percussion and Piano

Piece for Flute, Percussion and Piano (2016)
Approx. duration = 10 minutes

MIDI version. This piece has yet to be performed.

Percussion Instruments:
Large Gong, Tam-tam, Snare drum, Medium Tom, Low Tom, Vibraphone (substitute Marimba)

Optional Piccolo at m. 101. If flute is used, play an octave higher than written.

Composed in Autumn 2016 in a rustic cabin in Arizona, surrounded by national
forest, which is really desert terrain. The stillness and heat causing a temporal
displacement. Spatial anomoly, bi-location, peering behind the curtain, with a
new love who gets me. And we toggle between participating in the game, and
observing it, detached.

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