Piece For Oboe With Piano

Piece For Oboe With Piano Accompaniment in 3 Movements (1989)
Approximate duration: 15 minutes

PDF Score (Original hand-written score. Computerized score coming eventually)

Live performance:
Lisa Kottler, oboe
Mi-Young Sohn, piano

This piece continues my interest in woodwinds as melodic instruments, following the principles of jazz melodic phrasing applied to non-jazz harmonies. The first movement has two sections, a faster more melodic first part followed by a peaceful canon with the piano. The second movement is a slow meditative piece that showcases the oboe as a solo instrument, playing atonal melodies against a steady piano drone, which happen in between a peaceful tonal melody played by the oboe and piano. The fast third movement showcases the oboe’s melodic virtuosity, followed by a chaotic atonal transition to a peaceful, satisfying ending.

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