Piece for Trombone Choir

Piece For Trombone Choir (2014)
(6 tenor trombones, 2 bass trombones)
Approximate duration: 7″


MIDI recording. This piece has yet to be performed or recorded. NOTE ABOUT MIDI RECORDING: For some reason, some of the repeated notes are not being recognized, so they are missing in this recording.

“Piece for Trombone Choir” explores some of the different textures that can be produced with trombones. The piece is mapped out in distinct sections, some that overlap each other, characterized by different tempos and feeling. The opening fanfare is followed by a fast minimalist section with atonal melodies that break up the rhythms. This is followed by a loud glissandi section which leads into a percussive section. Notes are then added to the same rhythm as the percussive section which, due to the overlapping patterns, form interesting melodies as each trombone only plays one note. The fast minimalist section comes back for a brief moment in the build up to the jazzy finale. There’s even a coda.

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